Report a Missed Bulk Service

There are many reasons why a bulk service may not have been removed:

  • When we visited your property, no items were placed out for collection. Remember to always place your bulk kerbside items out for collection the evening before your service day as the drivers do start bright and early in the morning. While most collections are not removed until 7:00am, some will be done earlier in the morning to avoid creating congestion on the roads at peak times.
  • Vehicles or other obstructions were located in front of your waste items preventing our drivers from being able to collect the materials.
  • It was not booked in. All bulk kerbside services need to be booked in. Please ensure you record your booking reference number provided when making your booking.
  • We could not find your address. Not all properties are easy to find based on their street address alone. If your property falls into this category please ensure you leave some further information when booking to help the driver locate your property.
  • The items were presented in a way that made it difficult for our drivers to remove it. Please review the guidelines on the Bulk Kerbside Collection page on this website for further information on how your bulk kerbside collection should be presented.
  • Your items were located on private property. Our drivers will not enter your property; therefore if waste items are not located on the kerbside they will not be collected.
  • There may have been a large amount of extra waste presented at collection throughout the day, as a lot of residents underestimate the amount of waste they will put out for collection when booking. This can result in some collections not being completed on the assigned day, and instead being completed the following morning.
  • We may have missed your collection.

To report a missed service simply visit our online booking website within 48 hours or contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 1coast (1300 126 278).