Green Lid Garden Vegetation Bin

A garden vegetation bin is available to all properties east of the Sydney to Newcastle M1 Pacific Motorway making it easier than ever to recycle garden vegetation on the Central Coast. Recycling garden vegetation has real benefits for the environment, the most obvious being the landfill space saved.

Your green lid bin is for garden vegetation only. This bin is collected fortnightly on the same day as your red lidded garbage bin, but on the alternate weeks to your recycling bin.

Visit our Bin Collection Day page to find out what day your bins are emptied.

The following can be placed in your green lid garden bin:

  • Grass clippings and leaves
  • Flowers and weeds
  • Prunings, twigs and branches
  • Untreated timber
  • Plants and small shrubs

Items not accepted in the green lid garden vegetation bin:

  • Rocks and soil
  • Food scraps
  • Garden hoses
  • Pots
  • Treated timber and lattice
  • Large branches, logs and stumps
  • Plastic bags
  • Biodegradable bags
  • Pet waste including kitty litter
  • Building materials

If you put the wrong items into your garden vegetation bin, it may not be collected.

Garden Vegetation Tips

No plastic bags: Simply put your vegetation items loosely into the bin. Staff at the composting facility will not open plastic bags, so anything placed in a plastic bag will end up in landfill.

Composting right: Make sure branches, prunings and twigs including palm fronds are cut to a length that enables the lid of the bin to close.

What happens to your garden vegetation?

Each fortnight REMONDIS empties your garden vegetation bin and delivers the material to a commercial composting facility operated on behalf of the Councils by Australian Native Landscapes at Buttonderry Waste Management Facility and Woy Woy Landfill. A number of products are produced at the facilities, including mulches, organic fertilisers, landscape soils, potting mixes and top dressing, which are sold to various landscaping industries.