Activity Sheets

Click on the links below to download and print out some fun recycling activity sheets!

Colouring in Activity Sheets


The 3 Bins:

Colour the items red, green or yellow to show which bin they belong in.

The 3 Bins - Activity Sheet

Mr Yellow:

Colour in the yellow lid recycle bin and all the things that can be placed inside it for recycling!

Mr Yellow - Activity Sheet

Mrs Green:

Colour in the green lid garden vegetation bin and all the garden items.

Mrs Green - Activity Sheet

Lil Red:

Colour in the red lid general waste bin and all the smelly rubbish.

Lil Red - Activity Sheet

Sorting Your Recycling: 

Colour in the employees at the Somersby MRF Sorting our Recycling!

Sorting Your Recycling - Activity Sheet

Recycling Truck: 

Colour in the Recycling Truck emptying the Yellow Lid Recycle Bin!

Recycling Truck - Activity Sheet

Reuse Me: 

Do you remember to take your reusable bags to the shops? It takes the average Australian family only four trips to the supermarket to receive 60 plastic bags.

Reuse Me - Activity Sheet

Get your worms wriggling:

Colour in our worm farm!

Get your worms wriggling - Activity Sheet

Origami Activity Sheets

Truck Origami:

Create your own origami Garbage Truck! (Tip: print on A3 paper if you can!)

Truck Origami - Activity Sheet

Can Man Origami: 

Can Man wants you to recycle all your metal cans - create your very own Can Man!

Can Man Origami - Activity Sheet

Miss Flora Origami:

Miss Flora wants you to compost – create your very own Miss Flora 

Miss Flora Origami - Activity Sheet

Activity Booklet

(4 pages) including find a words, a crossword, spot the difference and more.

Activity Booklet